Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ratka's Sewing caddy finished

Gratuitous photos

A gap exists between the frame and the base of the sewing machine on the right there to allow for the power cord.

I included a little bubingawood letter opener attached to the roof here as a joke, we'll see when she notices it, hehehe

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting a handle of it

More head scratching; surely there is a better way to center some holes in this carcass than my half arsed hairy eyeballing.

here are the reinforcment bearings out of mahogany for the handle arm pivots. There's a pair on the inside of the sarcofagus, too. Oak pegs drilled and tapped into the assembly reinforce

Now rotating the hadle and arm assembly clamped together through the arc of the bearings. Just want to test to see how out of coplanar the opposing sides are. Seems I can compromise to a certain extent at a consistent width, give or take.

Tapped some bubinga wedges into the oak doweling shaft when I finally glued the arms to the shaft. Should help lock it into place and look kinda cool, too.

Testing fitment of the handle with the arms again, this time with tenons cut into the handle. I think I'll drive another pin through the tenon on the outside of the arm to lock it into place when I finally glue this part up. For now, just testing. And I'll have a 3/8" washer on the interior backed by a cotter key going through the shaft to keep the arms in place when it's all said and done...

...On second thought, I can secure the arms from the inside just using a wood screw like so