Sunday, September 6, 2020

handling an open-sweep hook knife blade from

Hoo Boy, a gorgeous hook knife blade arrived yesterday in the mail from robin wood et. al!
I take as little time as possible getting a handle glued up and didn't even think to show construction fotos, but imagine making a thin relief using a chisel and a router plane for the blade shank into 2 1/2" thick pieces of padouk wood (just because it's reasonably hard and there was anerrant piece of it in the shop.

Use some 5 minute 2part epoxy and a few clamps to produce this rough piece

this is how i like to make my knife handles. maybe a little shorter than the handle that Wood-Tools makes, but it's a little thicker in the middle, where you typically apply a lot of force as you "roll" the knife blade towards you during spoon cutting. it fits my meat hooks fairly well. wood handles rule.
I love this quote. Mary Kondo isn't saying anything new, folks!