Tuesday, May 29, 2012

computer cabinet in knotty pine

25"Hx30"W. my first casework project.

casters (CASTERS?!)allow it to slide underneath a desk that has not yet been built (the monitor, speakers and control inputs will then sit atop the desk).

all the wire debris routes through an exit port in the back
cpu, router, printer and power strip enclosed in the bottom, right drawer holds 8,1/2"x11"paper neatly, left drawer various other computer debris
started with a lengthy glue up of 1x12 knotty pine boards from home center that were first milled down to 5/8" thickness on the planer to make for a light-weight feel
this was then carefully dimensioned and prepped for dovetailing the carcass
the main casework wasn't terribly eventful, though i should not have used such a wide pin in the middle of the work as the wood cupped outward there and created some small gaps.
drawer runner assembly
my first attempt at nested cupboard doors using butt hinges. this was by far the hardest part of the entire project
plenty of little knicks and dents throughout show this as very much a learning project :-)

Monday, May 28, 2012

boomerang dojo with todd and sons

A quick boomerang project with todd and his two sons ryan and grant - these were made from some mystery wood scraps; pretty light weight. half-lap joints and then a rough spokeshave shaping of an airfoil was sketched out. See on the unshaped one LE for "Leading Edge" and "TE" for "Trailing Edge".

The models below are meant to be thrown right handed, grasping with your thumb and index finger the lower right blade in the picture, with a slight bank off of vertical; snapping motion of the wrist. they actually work!

too bad i forgot the camera to take some footage of flying them down at the local park. alack some spear/sword making concluded shop time for the day