Monday, September 28, 2009

More Boxes

OK, well I thought I was done making the favor box design but Sarah and I came across an old wine box at curbside while jogging two weeks ago in Emeryville. It was a 6 bottle, vintage 2000, who knows what per bottle, sad Robert Mondavi collaboration with Moulton-Rothchild in Opus One. Sad because of everything that Mondavi means to Napa valley but I'm not gonna hop on the bandwagon and throw turds at the family, I'll leav that to the oenophile hens out there. Still love the moniker and also getting handy with old wood*; turning it into something else. Not sure who'd want them but they're finished here:

* Did I just write that???

Thursday, September 24, 2009

tach attack!

Well, the repaired tach didn't work, so the kind fellows at SPA sent me another one in the mail a few weeks ago. I never saw the new one. I explain below in the letter enclosed in the parcel for the old tach that I'm sending back today:

Hey Dan - Adam here - sending back the old tach. Maybe you can find out if there's something wrong with it.

We talked about you sending a replacement a few weeks ago, and that I should send this broken one back to Indianapolis once I got the new one. Directly after our last email chat, I received an email notification from USPS tracing the replacement parcel's route to me, and I just assumed it would show up at my doorstep early the following week. So I waited some days and figured it would be at my doorstep when I got home from work some evening. However, more days passed, and I then went back and referred to the USPS tracking number; this time it claimed that the delivery had been made a few days earlier! I can only assume someone must have seen the delivery next to our front door from our street and decided to steel it. How unforgivably stupid of me to be so trusting. Actually, we had some other person try to break into our house through the back window a few weeks earlier, so I should have been aware enough to have the parcel shipped to my office. Doubly stupid.

At this point, I've cost the world two beautiful SPA tachometers from my own foolhardiness. It's an awful shame. I must apologize as I think you all have done what you could, but some people are simply beyond reasonable help and must be culled for crop fertilizer. I've returned my human-viability card to the proper authorities and will be reporting into the nearest DMV for organ harvesting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Adam Tracy

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Tacho On....The...Waaaaayyyyy!!!

but until then, 'tis boxes, boxes, Inner Stalin likes to line them all up and play "Tanks rolling thru Moscow"

A little tongue oil and here they line up:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

tach fail!

well, tried patching in the refurbished tach, and it appears to not be working. doing some back and forth with SPA in Indianapolis but here's the pudding

Thursday, September 3, 2009

got my tachometer back!

...but too absorbed in how to come up with an easy to produce lid for the favor boxes. Was trying to use a transverse dowel peg to form a sort of "cleat" that would hook up to a trench dug into the interior sides of the box with a chisel or my dremel. That lid appears on the right. But it's complicated to get everything lined up and I don't want to spend a lot of time fiddle farting with a drill.

Instead I'm gonna try something I've always liked about Japanese woodworkers' tool boxes which you see on the left and animated at the bottom.