Sunday, March 27, 2016

Another view of kitchen pass through with architect's post framing the entry

After installing all the lower cabinets into the kitchen today, I quickly threw together some hardboard pieces to form a 4" x 18" post that was originally drawn up on the plans and have placed it where it would be. THis was painted just with Zinsser's 123 white primer and dried quickly.

Sarah's thought was maybe to leave the post out as we could have some sort of sculptural piece on the end of that countertop. either a large vase/floral piece, or maybe a bronze sculpture that my uncle gave us. And yet, this picture does not fully block out the architecture since there will be another upper cabinet above the lower white ones to my left here. The uppers will only extend out over the square-ish filing cabinet drawers are, stage left. My thinking right now is to not worry about this until those cabinets are installed since the overall look will be quite different with them in place.

The (infinitely) patient architect is Tim Larkin, and he very kindly sent me some other mock-up sketches late yesterday showing some alternative views of what it could look like with no post, or with a smaller post inboard a bit. Tim wasn't so sure about the inboard post, and I'd agree. The open plan looks good, but it goes in a direction that might not be supported by the "craftsman bungalow" theme. Hard to say...
Here are some more views of the kitchen from the other direction. Sarah was out of town this week and got back just a little while ago and was really happy with how things are moving along. That's pretty much the best you can hope for :-)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

so much work, not enough time photodocumenting it

We're navel-deep into our remodel of the kitchen and bathroom for our house. No sink to shave out of so a pelt of facial hair ensues and it's all good. The plan is to have a post going from the peninsula of cabinets to my left up to the ceiling soffit. The column was going to be 4" thick and butt up against the end of the cabinets but my carpenter and me feel that might be too tight and so maybe we move the column inboard and have it start from the top of the cabinets instead.