Sunday, April 22, 2007

Carburetors work well when clean.

I knew the bike need a carb overhaul more than anything to get it running again. It had to be profoundly gummed up from 2 years of non-op while sitting out in the weather. Of course taking it apart and seeing all the clogged up plumbing, I was surprised it could even start when the seller was showing the bike. What a mess.

The comprehensive rebuild involved new gaskets all around, pilot jets, throttle/choke cables, an $85 air cut-off valve (goddam!!!), and alen head bolts anywhere phillips heads were used by the factory (which was everywhere).

A week or two later, the overhaul is done. I bolt the carbs back onto the intake boot and with a sneer thinking: "this will never work", it starts on the third kick! Whoa!

Took a few snaps just to help remember how all the venting hoses went. Digital cameras really make a difference when doing tear-downs like this b/c you can reference the images when you go to put things back together!


  1. Hi Angostura, I have been working on the Bike lately and will be posting some fresh photos soon, I wanted to ask you where you found the carb rebuild kit. your bike is looking amazing by the way! thanks. Thierry

  2. I got the rebuild kit from "Bike Bandit" which is an on-line parts distributer. They have a parts-catalog that is pretty easy to browse using the microfiche schematic of the bike's various systems.

    Be prepared though, because it's expensive: The air cutoff valve was $80 for instance!!!