Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Cleaning

With the engine sort of running after the carb rebuild, I continued some deep cleaning work, trying to remove the baked on mung between the cooling fins of the cylinder. This is when I noticed one of the 6mm Hex head bolts attaching the rocker box cover to the head was loose. Well, actually it wasn't loose, more like the threads were stripped out. It would need a helicoil at least, and I worried there might be more damage in the cylinder. Instead of ignoring, I decided this was impetus enough to take the motor apart, send the top end to XRs Only and have them refurbish it with a valve job, etc. Anyway, more cleaning and prep work to get the engine out of the frame (sadly, you have to remove the whole engine in order to get the top end off since the frame backbone gets in the way!

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