Sunday, September 7, 2008

John Henry's Made It Home!

Finally got the bike home from James Banke's shop today!

I'm SUPER IMPRESSED with the console he fabbed up for housing the tach, and ignition. As simple as it could be. Headlight bucket is from an old Triumph.

The exhaust megaphone needed a bit of a relief bent into it in order to be far enough away from the rear wheel. It was a difficult thing to design around but I think for the "up" pipe look, JB did a great job and it's going to look really boss.

Here's another view of the exhaust megaphone adaption...another view of the tab he welded onto the assembly at just the right angle to fit onto the frame...lotta work getting that done just so, i bet.

Another profile, JB machined up the headlight mounts, the pictures don't do it justice. That's a 320mm twin piston Brembo front stopper: It will stop.

Here's where we'll be in drydock while I get all the body work finished.

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