Friday, October 9, 2009

More Tacho Fail

I give up. Not sure how I could have fried the refurb tacho like this; wish I could have taken a photo of its guts before returning way back when I initially had a problem -- I'm betting those burn scars were always there. Can't imagine that I fried it a second time on install. Much ado about nothing. Guess I should just go looking for a VDO.

From their Tech Support

Hi Adam,

Sorry for all the troubles we are having here. We got the tacho back. It has blown the internal fuse again. Unfortunately it appears to have got some heat into it before it went. I have attached a picture of the board. When we went to replace the fuse the part on the circuit board it solders to came off, form the heat. Unfortunately there is no repair for this. I the picture this is the area in front of the harness plug right side.

As far as the gauge we sent that somebody stole from you mail. Not sure what to do there as cant really blame you for that.

Kind Regards,


  1. Keep going... I've been lookin for a small speedo. Check this out -> A shop in Germany that sells very small tachs & speedos. Google " scrambler mini speedo " for all the details on the install. CHeers

  2. What good is a fuse on a circuit board if, when it pops, it burns the board beyond repair?

    There's something seriously wrong with the whole design of that unit. It looks nice but certainly has not gotten past its development phase yet. 'They' have no right selling it. You are part of the test team.

    Go with a VDO. The Germans ought to have this one figured out.