Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trailtech Install, Part 22

Cruised around the internet forums for clues on how RFVC impaired riders mount the thermometer to their engines. One idea is to place the sensor right where the oil line feeds into the cylinder head. I replaced the Alu washer proximal to the rockerbox cover. I don't think the pressures are great enough through that banjo bolt to cause much blood loss, so hopefully it will be okay. I've got the bolt backed out right now just to illustrate how it goes together here:

Tacho wire was simple enough, just wrap the busy end five times around the spark plug lead, and ground into the nearest convenient earth circuit, which for me was easiest done via that posilock tap up 'ere

One cannot underestimate the utility of having a cache of used inner tubes. 700x35c worked best to insulate my power switch terminals

And here it's all coming together


  1. Where did you get this gauge from? I'd like to use it on a rebuild I'm doing!

  2. Hi Fred - I got the tach/speedo from Trailtech directly:

  3. Thanks Anostura! I think I live in the same town as you! I recognized the area from your pictures, and the reservoir. I found your site when looking at your bike project. That's a nice ride! Nice woodworking too!