Saturday, January 22, 2011

old salvaged wood, fine grained but muddy, unappreciated

sometimes i like to just look at my stickered wood and dream...this stuff came from my favorite architectural salvage site, Urban Ore located in Emeryville 3 blocks from where I work. Most of my material comes from this place because you can find old old doug fir from demolitions. fine grained, smooth, beautiful wood encrusted in years of rusty nails and neglect. still good and quite amenable to repurposing for the stuff I like to do.

On the left, a few pieces of 4x material that I want to join together for a coffee table. On the right, shelving possibilities. our house is in dire need of some good wall hung shelving...soon

I'm edge joining a few pieces for a coffee table for our living room here. stay tuned to see how it turns out :-)


  1. I can almost smell the curly little shavings! (-:

  2. hey judy - yeah, they are fragrant, but not of douglas fir, unfortunately...i think this particular stock was finished with some sort of weatherproofing...the outer crust is also very dry and so there is a lot of dust getting chewed up by my old Footprint #5 plane there. Needless to say, I am wearing a good mask to protect against it...tally ho!

  3. I've got to figure out how to ship some of the 2 inch alder to you. It would fit nicely in your shop stores and useful for dreaming of future projects made of materials from your roots - roots of the roots, eh?

  4. The bench looks like blocks made by the ancient egyptians - they really fit closely together and are certainly big enough, ha, ha. I especially like the background of the bench photo.