Wednesday, February 2, 2011

knew concepts fret saw

Uploading details on my knew-concepts fret saw for some questions I have out to them

After reading Popular Woodworking Magazine review of the saw, I was confused about their model having detents in the adjusting swivel for both 0, and 45 degrees. I see one external detent holding the zero position on mine below but there does not appear to be any visible detents in any other position. I do sense a tactile click within the swivel mechanism when i turn the front barrel clockwise (facing saw handle aimed away from me). I dont sense the same click when I turn the other direction (which happens to be the direction I would want to use most of the time when removing waste from dovetails). It might be that the mechanism relies on friction alone to hold the blade in this position, I don't know:


Thanks Lee for your response below. So, it turns out that friction alone is enough to keep the blade tensioned in the slanted position.

Anyway the saw is a joy to use and very light weight; surprising how light compared to the cheap Bahco steel coping saw I'd been using. The cam tensioner is also a joy to use. I found the cuts I made in 3/8" poplar very clean.

I was going to do a side-by-side comparison of how the two things cut out waste between some practice dovetails, but In my ham-fisted zeal, I managed to snap the fret saw blade. I think I know why: First I was using a very thin razor saw for my dovetails which leaves a skinny kerf to begin with. Then, I wiggled the fret saw blade into the kerf, rotated the saw and THEN tried to start. I really should have started the sawing motion AS i was rotating the saw when operating in such a fine kerf..beginner mistake, i think.

Pics to follow.

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  1. The detent exists only at the zero (straight ahead) position. The end stops provide the 45 degree positions. Tension from the blade are all that is needed for the clamp to maintain its position.

    Nice image, by the way.