Thursday, April 28, 2011


arrived today via pleasant and adaptable gentleman FedEx agent, 378 Lbs of bandsaw joy. a large installation manual, six gallons of RedBull and a weekend where I'm not at the office all need to coincide before this thing is making delicate cuts into the wood I have in mind.

After first test run yesterday afternoon following a bunch of fussing around with feeler gauges and machine squares


  1. It's a real beauty! A bandsaw - the most versitle tool in the shop - can cut anything. A guy needs a bandsaw. I think they're just great. This one is perfect. You're a lucky guy, yep.
    You can even make stuff outta the slats it came in! What about blades? You need a good source for blades. Get several and as they get used up keep the dull ones around to cut stuff like fiberglass - an instant blade duller. Forgot to ask about the speeds - does it have a gearbox or pulleys to vary the blade speed?

    So have you considered a bench mounted disc sanding wheel? - another very handy gizmo, eh?

  2. How did I miss the arrival of this? Wow, a thing of engineered beauty. What's the square at lower left? A place to put yr foot, or yr cat?

  3. hi j - it's probably some random off-cut of plywood from a previous construction. i had to place some wooden shims underneath the base of the saw to nest it in the undercarriage with wheels such that the lower door would open without obstruction...anyway, thanks for following this ragtag web log...ant

  4. Here is a link to an article in "Popular Woodworking" on making your own blades for the bandsaw: