Sunday, January 12, 2014

shelving wood milling/lamination in progress

The shelf will reach from floor to ceiling, which is roughly 9'. I searched for the material and found some 18' lengths of shiplapped 6/4 fir that perhaps was used as truck bedding. They were mostly flat sawn, too. So i cut these boards in 2, and then surface planed them and ripped into 1" wide strips that were then ripped and glued up.

fair bit of glue and processing. why? well, it's VG fir on the cheap, that's why! I hope it to be a bit more stable, and easier to look at than trying to match a bunch of random flat sawn fir from the same source. it is a lot of trouble, but i hope it's worth while. so far, so good.

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  1. These assemblies are remarkably flat! Did you use a jig to support them while they were laminated? Quite beautiful and adds another dimension to the overall project - Depth! A great deal of labor is shown here.