Sunday, April 20, 2014

reclaimed doug fir shelving progress

these are some tall and wide constructions, completely out of my typical scale. sooo much work getting things all square and theoretically close in size. remembering which edge/surface is the reference one is important when you are 108" edge to edge, sharp. still quite fun.

I had my very steadfast mate, Chad over this afternoon helping tap all the large scale tenons and dovetails, and they are looking promising. His presence during glue-up should minimize expletives.

There will be a center vertical upright that will slot into this one via housed bridle joint. each component adds to the risk, but the end will hopefully be square enough for Oakland.

just in case you actually scrolled down to here, this is where the shelves will be installed. the frames are made of 3/4" birch ply, made as level as possible, and when I test drove one of the shelf uprights, it was aparent that the wall was way off (I checked with a level to verify that my pieces weren't just out of square!). this is where rubber greets road!

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  1. Looks like Chad has got that 3-4-5 triangle stare checking out your work...nice reuse of Dour Fir