Sunday, June 22, 2014

reclaimed doug fir shelving part III: let us bolt the carcass to the walls

No action photos of hauling these things into the house, but my good mate Chad and his daughter Clara Lin showed up this morning for a bit of tom-foolery getting these assemblies into the room. Chad took one end, me the other, and Clara (who is 7) helped call out obstacles in the way ("step! watch the branches! Watch the door!") she was awesome as I was backing in and you know, we didn't bump a single corner with these 106" long carcasses.

afterward, we stole away for some of of the best Mexican food in the East Bay and fixed up to a few burritos and quesadillas in the back yard. Then Chad and Clara left for her swim lessons.

I began the final attachment of the shelves to the walls along the top. It began with scribing the middle shelf tier into the walls using blue tape and a striking knife to get the lines defined. worked OK. The walls are not plumb and fall away from the shelves, but that will be where trim molding details will help. more on that later.

I fabbed up some tabs which would join the top of the shelf to the doubletop plate of the room. There's just about an inch of gap anticipated between the ceiling, and the installed shelving carcasses on the leveling frames. This allows a drill with a 12" extension barely enough space to drive in the screws attaching the thing to the wall. Manual testing felt sturdy. time will tell!

Due to the uneven geometry of the walls, I scribed the shelving into the wall and got it all positioned as I wanted before taking a few measurements for the tab thickness, which was surely to be some odd taper that only marking the thicknesses out insitu would reveal.

I left a little note for me to forget about in the floor leveling frame. I hope it makes someone smile some day

things came out pretty level, so this has been a better-than-expected day!


  1. My apologies to Chad.. In your 20 APR post I mistaken your Fuzzy shop cat for Chad ( 3-4-5 triangle stare )

  2. hahahaha! no worries :-)

    our cat's name is "Paulo" and he is pretty forgiving as long as he gets his food on time in the morning...