Sunday, July 13, 2014

reclaimed doug fir shelving part v: LED/trim install

I proceeded with the LED tape install for the shelving once the vertical trim pieces were scribed into place. The tape is a convenient system that I bought off of Lee Valley. There's a dimmer as well, which emits a subtle buzz under lower outputs. I plan on housing the switch body in a wooden enclosure to minimize this, though.

The bust pictured needs a whole other post ( realm). This will be where the piece cools its heels in the red room. The tape lighting actually lights it well, and it's hard to get a good shot of the entire wall with my diminutive camera.

The lower left side section remains unlit as this will be where the desk is arranged.

Here's the switch: power from teh AC/DC converter in, to the circuit out. I'll house this in something

It took me a long time to figure out the wiring, but the easiest solution appeared to be running a line underneath the drawers for the lower lighting unit, then sending the "main" line up along the back of one of the uprights, where I could do all the connections from above. The tape is placed on overlapping bevels of the trim. It's nice and warm.

Here you can see the wiring placed along the space between the ceiling and the shelving carcass top. I used thumb tacks with electrician's tape to support the tape along the horizontal spans until the top molding was installed.

the connectors you get with this kit are about 5" end to end, which wasn't quite enough to make it through the gap between the ceiling circuit and the trim connection points. So I busted out some 18 gauge twisted wire from my motorcycle wiring days to lengthen them...yep.

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