Saturday, April 23, 2016

kitchen uppers installed

Upper cabinets were finished and done earlier this week and last couple days were spent installing them. A nerve wracking endeavor and i was remiss on taking pics of some of the more ugly parts. there are so many things to remember when installing plywood boxes into unsquare/unplumb field. I allowed myself some room on the upper part of the exposed ends to scribe into the walls.

below, to the right is the stove hood upper cab. background are two flanking cabinets over stove. left on saw-benches is the bigger left hand side upper, adjacent to fridge surround.

I elected to use some surplus shelving brackets screwed into the wall below where the cabinets would be installed so that I could place them, shim them to level/plumb and then spend hours worrying about making sure all adjacent pieces are oriented.

also, had to reposition the romex a bit so that it will go into the aft knock-out port of the hood

The right side trio of cabinets were the hardest. I had scribed the part above the window into the wall before clamping them together. the wall ended up bowing outward so this made life hell because i then had to shim everything to the right of it to keep the scribe hugged to the wall.
There will be a two step molding along the top. a continuous ribbon along the horizontal intersecting with the top of the window
Here's a quick snap i took of the upper left cab, after installing and finding out it was 3/8" out of square. Had to take it down, remove the 1/4 ply back, wrack things into square with my camo tie-down and then reskrew the 1/4 ply back into place. WOrked okay this time, but best to try building square in the first place, hombre
I try to leave messages into unseen parts of the built-in work as a joke to whoever might see them in the future


  1. Looks nice. That was clever using the shelf brackets.

  2. Sure wish I could have been there to offer a heppin' hand. Holding those boxes up there while figuring and calculating can be hard on their fine edges not to mention the holder's triceps. The concealed jokes and cartoons are/will be historic; great idea! From what we see the finished set of cabinetry shall be terrific. Wonderful work.