Monday, May 30, 2016

island countertop installed

Matt McGrane over at Tiny Shop Woodworks asked about the finish for the sapele countertop...Couple months ago i asked the guys at MacBeath what to use for countertops and they pointed me to this food-safe treatment called "The Good Stuff". It is a gel that you smear on, then wipe off. it's hard to go wrong and you can build layers slowly until desired protection. since i wont be cutting directly on the countertop. 3 coats seems to give good protection against water and I feel safe putting a beverage with condensation on it without rings forming immediately. Although truth is I don't really care about that kind of wear/tear on the kitchen. Rings, dings, and dents, that's all kind of what happens in a "user" kitchen.
the island countertop is clenched to the lower cabinets using some tiedown buttons that fit into 1/4" grooves i built into the rails when I was milling them up. I think I was lazy here. Instead of weak grooves just 1/4" thick running the length of the rail, I should have placed them deeper and not run them all the length of the board. I did it this way because I was milling grooves for the 1/4" panels and just kept my router setup the way it was. Well if these blow out i know how to fix it, and I can do that if need be.


  1. Thanks for that update, Manuel. I looked up Emmet's Good Stuff wood finish and it looks like it's a polyurethane and oil blend. Your counter tops look great with it.

  2. Thanks Matt- and thanks for looking up the composition of this finish...hmm, it does seem to behave like poly once it's dried. Definitely will avoid chopping vegetables on this to avoid getting fragments of plastic in my salad :-)

  3. Adam, what a beautiful kitchen! Bravo! (-:

  4. thank you judy, i hope sarah and i can host you'all here sometime soon, okay?

    1. Love to visit and see your work "in person," ... and see you!