Monday, March 23, 2020

a fork to stand up to the spoon

I decided to make a fork in a similar shape to the spatula from earlier, and then this might become utencils for serving vegetables/salads.

question of the afternoon: 3 or 4 fingers?

i went with 4, but briefly ended up with 3

a bit of cleaving, and i've established where this thing is going
concluded. i don't like the shape of the tines. their length is also kinda precarious. It would be much more sturdy if they were flowing with the grain along a crook. just gotta see how it goes.


  1. Before this is over I may join you on my front porch. I've the tools and have carved a few spoons, few usable but that's not the point anyway. My front garden and porch isn't as interesting as yours, not many folks are walking by and the house is set back. Still in this time of social distancing it may help stay connected to the world.


  2. thank you ken, i hope to someday host you on my front porch for same.