Saturday, April 18, 2020

another spoon from some L. Gandsey offcuts

I had another blank/offcut from Lawrence Gandsey's shop in a wood that I haven't worked before but i _think_ it might be Elm? not sure. it's not quite as hard as maple, but it cleaves nice and clean with a sharp knife. the wood is a bit tawnier and caramel colored especially when you get a wax-smooth cut directly from your knives.

This shape of spoon, i call a "spoochula" because it is very useful in stir-frying vegetables off a flat bottom pan. it acts as a spatula but has a dish towards the back that allows you to scoop the cooked vegetables into a serving dish.

One of my Mora 106's on a leather strop that i made today from a cut of leather that Dad used for walls of the baby crib that all us kids spent time in. I usually use an 8000 waterstone for honing, but the strop is nice to have in the kit.
Today, I received a special package in the mail from dad containing a few sections of the Lodi apple tree he pruned back on the farm this week. This tree was planted when i was a toddler and has produced apples for 40 years. it's one of dad's favorite things.


  1. Lodi make the best applesauce! Lovely spoochula.

  2. So glad the Lodi material made it to niner-one-niner. Hope it carves well.