Saturday, July 31, 2021

multimodal monitor tree V1 part ii

I have iterated on at least 3 different means of hanging my laptop on the monitor tree. Here is the latest arrangement in the prototype form. It still looks kind of like a jumble of wires here but it's very ad-hoc. essentially i've got my laptop sliding into interior groves of a box, with a lot of the wiring plus a supplemental cooling fan hidden underneath. I've learned that laptops are very tempermental with regard to heat dissipation, and bluetooth interference.

Here we see the what's happening inside. i've labeled cables in the photo. This is a new 120mm fan that i ordered off of amazon, i believe there's quite a market for these things for folks building their own console for gaming, etc. these fans are ratet around 30db, which is noticible but maybe tollerable...not sure. my main concern is that my bluetooth connections can be erratic. the keyboard works fine, trackpad works ok most of the time, but my mouse is neigh unusable. I'm not sure if there's too much interference with the wires here or what. So this laptop caddy is still a work-in-progress
Here's the laptop caddy that i made yesterday in sapele mahogany. very simple construction, machine cut lap joints and box joints on the sides.
I close today applying a coat of Danish oil to my shaft

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