Monday, December 31, 2007

Engine Reassembly Part II

There was still a lot of residue from material blasting the head, so I needed to clean it well with spray carb cleaner, and compressed air. I have no air compressor, so I stole an idea from to make a simple air blower from an empty spray can, the presta valve from a bicycle tube, and JB Weld. Redneck Air cans are GOOOOO!

Cam chain tensioner install is pretty mean with the need to preload the spring all the way "open" so that it does not interfere with the cam/sprocket/chain reassembly. I rednecked a tool to hold it open out of wire:

The string (floss) helps guard against it falling into the bowels of the motor

One last check before saying goodbye to the head

All closed up!

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