Sunday, February 10, 2008

chassis on wheels

Ventured down to Banke Performance to go over the bike now that it was up on wheels. James laced up Sun rims to a CRF front hub, and a new rear hub made by Rad Racing that has a cush drive. He spent a lot of time one afternoon going over the choices and we ended up going with a cush drive so that the final drive in the engine is spared the direct shock of all the wheelies and clutch dumping burnouts I plan on doing. The stocker had cushdrive anyway, so it made a lot of sense to continue. The wheels are absolutely smart looking, and I'm very happy with his machine work to get them to fit into the existing configuration. We're opting for a rear disc brake over the stock drum. And check out that 320mm front rotor. As James says: "We want this bike to be able to stop." Yes!

Here's the frame with the gorgeous wheels, image edited to show where frame rails will be truncated, some tabs removed:

I think we both were surprised at how well the bike would take to the new configuration. James scored a pair of '90 CR500 43mm cartridge forks for the build, and their tripple clamps went on no probs, apparently. He'll have them shortened a bit, but for now, we just slid them down in the triples to get an idea of how the bike would look. I can't get past the wheels, myself, but it looks really well!

A rough outline of how the seatpan assy will be oriented. Gotta go with the XR750 fender shape:

I did a rough sketch of frame revisions that will take place here:


  1. The bike looks great! You've inspired me to build a street tracker of my own. I gotta ask though, what size rims/tires did you end up using?

  2. Matt - those are Dunlop K180F tires. Front: 110/80-19 Rear 120/90-18.

    Rear rim is an 18" dia, and it looks like 3,1/2" wide. Front rim's 19" dia x 3"

    Very little clearance in the rear on this bike, tho. Stock rim's a 17, so you get close to the crotch of the swingarm. It clears, though.