Tuesday, April 28, 2009

on back, getting hungry

running into headscratcher.

will continue as soon as lumbar region regains some mobility.


  1. HI Charlie, I updated my Blog. I hope you feel better! Thierry

  2. Not sure if you are talking about his back but I think both he and I feel better after your update. We were hoping you would weld those supports under your seat back in. Glad you did and hope the welds are good.

    Looking forward to riding with you guys in the not-too-distant future. I'll keep us visible with my added height and you guys can ride on either side of me so that if I become too top-heavy and start to tip over you can push me back upright.

  3. THIERRY! Bike's looking great, man...And good idea to harvest an old XR250 shock for your job. Do you recall what year?

    I like how your bike is working out; it's much like I hope mine to shape up when mine gets done, too.

    JOEL!! I gotta figure out how to make it okay for people to post image tags in the comments section...i can see why Google wouldn't approve but there has to be a way...

    I would like to see how our bikes line up to one another...i be there's a good 18" difference in saddle height now...

  4. Yeah, good idea to use the shorter shock. When I am able to find a longer shock with either no remote reservoir, (preferably) or one with a hose on it, I would probably remove my raising link. The different length shock seems like the best way not to alter the progression of the suspension travel. That's not such a big deal to me though.

    I've finally started the story that leads up to my whole XL600 obsession, we're still in my early first encounters with motorcycles phase. This at least gives an introduction to why I like what I like as well as possibly giving insight to my obsessive patterns throughout life. It's over at http://xl600r.blogspot.com/.

  5. alright. I've put both of your projects in my links section. hope it generates some traffic.

    I like the illustration of the DT-250...

  6. The rear shock was labeled 1995 XR250 from the Salvage yard...It measures 14" from bolt to bolt.

  7. I actually found the DT-250 drawing online while searching for a yz-80 photo that expressed the mood of my encounter or the presence that it had down up there on the farm that day. I have no access to any photos or my old drawings up here. So thanks, some kid, for posting your drawing that looks like something I would have drawn!

    Actually, it looks exactly like something I would have drawn. Wouldn't it be wierd if that somehow WAS one of my drawings? Nah, probably not.