Saturday, April 4, 2009

electrical component tray mockup

OK, now just making a wiring/batt hanger that can attach to some existing mount points. I'll do a layup directly off of this piece once it's prepped with clear tape & PVA

Here's the layup. I'm wrapping glass/epoxy around the gusset forms in two places, but this glass was recalcitrant in it's manipulation so i pinched it together with some pva-treated cardboard paper clamps as so:


  1. Hi Charlie,
    I haven't had the time to create the blog for my project yet but I admire the progress you are making on your bike, I am jaleous!
    I know that you originally intended to use a battery eliminator, what made you change your mind?

  2. Hey there Thierry - Thanks for checking up on things. You are correct, I had planned on using a battery eliminator. I still might do that some day, but for now I want to keep the electrical stuff as close to stock as possible until the bike is running smoothly.

    I will have to rewire some parts of the electrical harness to adapt the new headlight and blinkers, and Tachometer, so having a battery in the circuit will assist me in troubleshooting, etc. It's one less variable to contend with.

    Plus, my fabricator, James Banke, advised that bikes tend to run better with a battery if that is how they were originally designed. I am not so sure I understand how having the battery affects the ignition since that part is driven off of the stator, but this is his just his experience, so I'll go with it for now.

    au revoir!