Thursday, September 3, 2009

got my tachometer back!

...but too absorbed in how to come up with an easy to produce lid for the favor boxes. Was trying to use a transverse dowel peg to form a sort of "cleat" that would hook up to a trench dug into the interior sides of the box with a chisel or my dremel. That lid appears on the right. But it's complicated to get everything lined up and I don't want to spend a lot of time fiddle farting with a drill.

Instead I'm gonna try something I've always liked about Japanese woodworkers' tool boxes which you see on the left and animated at the bottom.


  1. Hey! Is this the motorcycle guy? What's with all the woodworking junk? I thought this was the street tracker blog!

    Hey Adam, I got the package. Now for me to send you your little party favors. Gotta get shit done around here. Thanks a million for that box full of goodies, first thing I used was one of the turn signals. I make my own custom-shortened rear signals out of the metal bits embedded in the rubber, even if it's all hardened up. A torch helps extract the hollow metal stud ;). Anyway, I had one that was all melted plus I broke one of the wires in the repeated removal of the rack for making another one. So I replicated one of my custom- shortened signals. The ones you sent looked super-good, like new. I've got a shiny, bright right rear signal now.

    Where did you get the foam rubber you used on your seat? I'm going to be doing some re-foaming soon.

  2. motorcycle guy (more accurately "broken tacho guy" since the tach that I just got back from a 2 month ordeal of servicing from the manufacturer is still nonfunctional) will be out of commission for a few more weeks. then we'll hopefully return to regular programming.

    glad you got the schwag. I got the foam from mcmaster-carr. it's neoprene, quite a bit firmer than the OEM honda seat foam. glues up pretty well with contact cement, i use something called "Barge Cement". dulls the hell out of razor blades during shaping but 50 grit sandpaper works pretty well for smoothing...