Monday, January 18, 2010

Handy Bits

My favorite part has been repurposing the mahogany from Ratka's old sewing machine bench legs into small details of the new piece. It's a very well behaved wood and has a scent that I've taken a liking to.

E.g. the "daggers" securing the undercarriage to the sarcophagus needed some sort of tab for easier handling. To wit, I resawed some of this nice old wood and made a pair of little doo-dads for easy grabby:


  1. How are the balls attached to the bubinga daggers? Glue? It's all pretty sensuous stuff, no? After taking the keeper daggers out of the assembly, a guy could us'em to play a little tune on the sarcophogus drum lid to get in the mood to sew some skins together. This is a great piece!

  2. the handles are jointed to the daggers via a sort of mortise/tennon approach. A little glue and those things will be fairly permanent.

    You could definitely use them for drumming. I think they would also make good reflex testers when tapping one's kneecaps. They are also good at hitting my skull.

    best of all the lobes at the end fit your palms pretty well, so these things could become really decent punch weapons for self defence!