Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sewing caddy hat

now to focus on the top of the sarcophagus for ratka's sewing machine.

I had originally planned a coopered top, with an even radius, attaching the lengthwise facets to the end via dovetailed "wedges". I'll still try to achieve this, but due to the sewing machine's thread spools being offset towards one side, I decided to make it a bit eccentric:

Planing all this rough old wood and then making gapless jointed edges using a powered jointer might have saved a bit of time. Hand tools give me that tiny fragment of wiggle-room for adjustments, though.

Witholding comments on this piece's rather severe proportions until I can round off the edges with a plane; hopefully that will make it a bit more inviting to the touch.


  1. You might want to include clearance for thread spools still on the spindles - providing sufficient clearance on the inside of the lid... Sewers don't usually remove the spools when they're through sewing... just a thought.

  2. thanks, yep i planned to have enough room for the spools; it would behoove me to actually TEST the fitment with some real spools in place, though!