Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Good Day 'Round Briones Reservoir

Temps: 75degF, Wind: mild, Road: open


  1. This looks good - basic - man and machine. The fact that you know every particle of that bike is elating. We are quite glad for you. Enjoy many, many sunny days with your 600. It's a honey.

  2. your tracker's lookin great!!! i'm in the process of building an xl600 tracker, and you've been a huge inspiration. i'm actually stuck trying to build up the wheels, having just realized that i forgot to measure the rear rim offset. it would be amazing if you could help me out with the measurements.

    happy riding!!

  3. Hi Dan Abrham - glad to hear you've found an XL600 to repurpose. It's a pretty fun bike to convert over, I think. The engine's a real honey.

    do you have any pictures to share?

    As for rim offset, I do not have any measurements handy, unfortunately, but If you specify exactly what you're after, I would be glad to take a few measurements. Keeping in mind that the hub is non-stock! It's acutally a cushdrive hub made by RAD manufacturing, I believe for a CRF-450:

    The rear rim is an 18", too. Stocker was 17". There's very little horizontal clearance with the crotch of the swingarm, but it works.

  4. I'll definitely send some pics your way soon, but right now my tank is in the process of being painted "granny smith green" with metalflake.

    I made the mistake of cutting the stock hubs from the old rims without first measuring the rim offset! I am lacing an 18" rear rim to the stock rear hub, and I just need to know what the distance should from the edge of the rim to the end of the hub on each side.

    I really appreciate your help, I am dying to get this beast back together and on the road.

  5. 人生有如洶湧的波濤,如果沒有岩石的阻擋,怎能激起美麗的浪花? ..................................................

  6. Nice bike, nice project. I can see you put a lot of heart into it... and the bike is beautiful!

  7. very well very good bike... i'm going to make a similar one... can you tell me what tank did you used? did you had worked the tank underneath or not?did you used the original link on the honda frame or did you modified soldered or cast a new pair of lug for the tank? thankyou a lot

  8. Hi ecalzo - I made the tank out of fiberglass and epoxy. I used the original mounting points on the frame. You can follow how I did it here:

    good luck onyour own bike, show some pictures sometime!