Sunday, May 23, 2010

A HUGE beam

Been eyein' a wonderful old timber at the architectural salvage site that i pick through on my lunch hour near work most of the winter. Kept thinking it would make an old European style woodworking bench top with its heft.

Impulse and fair weather made me throw down some dosh for the sweet thing before it rotted in a pile of underachieving hippie debris. Love the bill of sale:

What kept me from an earlier rescue was mostly logistics. It's very heavy and 21 feet long.

I rented a CityCarShare truck for 90 minutes yesterday morning with a plan to break the beam down into 2 8' segments with a remainder left over for some other project. That short candle is smeared across the face of my Ryoba blade for smooth operation. thing cut though the beam in short order, leaving a few AM crustaceans picking over architectural debris incredulous.

I'm quite sore today after getting them to sanctuary here inside the pleasing compound. Rain in the forecast, so need to get them in the garage soon. They need to dry out for a while, but the plan is to have the two 8' sections laminated together for the bench top. While I was at the salvage yard, I also found these two old growth timbers on the top of the stack which could form the legs for the bench. We'll see.


  1. What a great find! Thanks. You've given me some ideas about finding some inexpensive wood for benches I'm making.

  2. Wow! That's a few nice sticks. It looks like Doug Fir with not many knots. I don't know, do you think the bench will be heavy enough? We wondering how you moved these pieces around. Were any wheels involved or did it have something to do with disappearing sand and Israelites? A very nice project indeed.

  3. gorgeous! looking forward to seeing how it turns out. -michelle