Monday, May 25, 2015

standing keyboard and rodent-input tray proof of concept

a corner of our guest bedroom functions as sarah's writing desk and recently she had expressed interest in a standing desk for her laptop. I'm going to make a keyboard tray that bolts to the wall and folds up like in this video below. There will also be an adjustable height shelf in the adjacent wall where her laptop will perch and approx eye level. Everything should fold up as conveniently as is possible, without interruption of thought. twist knobs will fine tune the height of the components. Wireless keyboards/track-pads will be used.

There should also be room for a cup of coffee to spill off the top of the ledge. Welcome the splashes.


  1. Oh, I like the folding mechanism. That's slick. Where will the laptop sit, on the tray or on a separate shelf?

  2. thanks man - yes the laptop will actually perch on an adjustable height shelf on the wall facing the user. Keyboard and mouse will connect via bluetoof. everything i've read and experienced with using laptops is that they're horrible for ergonomics because you end up having to haunch over. since my wife's work is based almost exclusively out of her laptop, it would be good to have some other options available...

    Once i get this keyboard tray done, i'll move onto the shelf...gotta be done by June 20 her probs.