Sunday, May 10, 2015

workshop cabinet countertop installed and ready to roll

finally got the countertop installed, and all the drawers populated with crap that had been hanging out on open shelves coated in thick layers of dust and goo. best part is now the west end of the shop is clear of open shelving that housed things that should never have been there given my workflow. Screws and hardware are closer to where I actually apply them instead of being on the opposite end of the garage.
The countertop is just 1/4 masonite, atop 3/4 cbx ply, and then a 2x4 frame. There's another long stick of 2x material on front with a few coats of water based poly to take a beatin'. Gotta mount my grinder before too long. That will be my sharpening area, close to the workbench. The water bucket on ammo cans below the bench is where I keep the sharpening stones.
I still keep a fair number of the important hand tools in my japanese toolbox in the corner there. some of the heavier bench planes have been relocated to drawers but we'll see how it goes.
A neighborhood kid was here with his brother for the afternoon. He stepped onto the threshold of the garage and said he likes to paint. I thought: "well that's definitely the best thing that I've heard in about 45 months!" I asked him what color he likes and he said "blue". So we set him up with a brush and some of the surplus milk paint from the cabinets. he sat for about 45 minutes painting the model of our house that i made couple years ago testing out designs for our remodel. Stick around, kid. I'll have some canvases stretched on frames for ya next time :-)


  1. Great job there ant! I had to ask is it red...

  2. Great job there ant! I had to ask is it red...

  3. This is a very pleasant shop. I especially like the blue hue and will be visually a bit more comfortable on the warmer days because of it. Good idea. I've found a place for things actually helps project schedule. The drawers will be a great benefit aimed at that end. Avoid labels, eh? Mollet has his place all labeled up and whenever I look for stuff there I find I don't take the time to go thru and comprehend all the neat text. You eventually get to know where things are and guest shop devils - who ought not be there anyway - can just conduct a search for whatever they are looking for. I hadn't noticed the translucent lites at the end of the shop before. My mind must be deteriorating at a faster rate...

  4. Looks like you have room to build a Boat now....