Monday, August 3, 2015

Trundle bed surround headboard, curved

From an earlier post, via 'ketchup, i am attempting a surround back for the corner built-in trundle bed in our guest room:
I begin by making an "L" shaped plywood base that I will in turn veneer with some of the redwood.
The profile and plan view curves are drawn to full scale on my new bench. I will lay out the frame components directly on top of the drawing.
I then focus on the frame components, which are oversized finger jointed pieces made from laminated redwood. I will glue the slanted stiles into place once the interior curve has been cut and faired. but I'll leave the vertical stiles unglued. I did it this way because I want to build the interior panels by scribing them into the inside of the slanted/curved stiles. I will need room to place these curved interior panels inside the frame in order to get the curve just so.

I'm sure this doesn't make any sense. gluing up the finger joints at angles was a colossal bitch. The glue grabbed and I couldn't recover on one of them. I used a bunch of hot-glue gun affixed wedges to allow for clamping, but the hot-glue wasn't durable enough and I probably should have gone with regular wood glue, allowing to cure overnight. This sort of thing should never have been hurried.

With the frames more or less shaped on the interior, I set out making a plywood rib-cage that will then receive 2 layers of 1/4" wiggle wood bendable ply. These skins will then be scribed as best I can into the inside edge of the frame, and then veneered with redwood

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