Saturday, September 26, 2015

curved trundle bed surround iv

The assembly is completed as best as i can get it in the garage. Next step is to lug 'er into the house, scribe to the walls, and skrew it in.

I tried a different finishing schedule for me. Sand to 180, then a few coats of Minwax oil polyurethane that was thinned 3 parts poly, 1 part mineral spirits so that I could use a rag to wipe it on thinly. before final coat of poly, I skuff sanded with 400grit. After final coat, I used 0000 steel wool,and then a coat of paste wax. I wanted a finish that was somewhat durable, but still left the wood feeling like wood. It's a bit shinier than I like, you still very much feel the wood when you touch it. expecially the panels where you have the harder winter rings a bit proud of the summer growth.

Here, I'm building up a few more pieces of redwood to strengthen the crotch, and infill the area where there will be more relief carving
I scribed in some masking tape off of the panels so that I knew where to cut with a handsaw to bust off the larger chunks of the crotch
The Auriou rasp is a joy to use
The frame now finish sanded
Wanted to show off the gappy teeth here, especially the wider edge, where a panicked hammer blow softened the edge a bit. This however is in better shape now if you can imagine than before applying a steam iron to the bruised wood to plump it back into place. Poor joints.
Here's my application tool, a waded up rag made from cotton duck of a worn out pair of carhart jeans. I love this cloth for applying finish as you can kind of burnish the wood it seems.
So once everything is finished, I just skrewed the panels into the frame like so. Notice I also beavered out a fair bit of wood along the interior edges to make scribing into the walls a little less horrible.

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  1. This is a fine chronicle of production. The process is immense. No one would ever be able to trace it by only looking at the simplicity and flow of the final product - a sign of high craft, function and well, art. It invites the touch. You have achieved a new plateau, Adam. Excellent!