Sunday, September 27, 2015

curved trundle bed surround v, installed

OK, here the piece rests, scribed into the surrounding wall, and screwed into base from the bottome via pocket holes I drilled a long time ago. I've dreamed of this day for a while as this is a perfect crash-pad for napping after a long ride or run. With prep for Oakland's Marathon up in March, It's nice to have this thing done when I begin the longer runs starting in December.

The walls are a deep red color and it makes for a pretty dark room. This might seem too dark and dreary, however the rest of the house is so brightly lit, that it's nice to have a room that is a foil to that. It's quiet, and also stays cooler during the summer months.

Here's how the trundle is deployed, using pulleys rigged on the interior of the base. I still need to make a handle for the cord. The trundle rides on six 1" non-swivel casters.


  1. Very nice and I now see and understand the build now that it's in place.

  2. aha! thanks ralph, yep, now that you mentioned this, it was kind of being built all this time with not much indication of context...

  3. This is a fantastic arrangement of once live but ancient media and the need for some of us to enjoy its touch. This is beautifully designed and constructed. I look forward to seeing and touching it in reality. Thanks for creating this fine art, Adam. I commented a little more about all of your recent efforts after the door photo gallery.

  4. Adam, this is so beautiful. I look forward to meeting in person! (-: