Friday, November 27, 2015

more drawer pulls

I ran the earlier designs from couple days ago by sarah, she liked and also suggested trying one that is symmetrical about the long axis. Good idea, especially if you want to arrange these things in a horizontal or vertical orientation along that long axis. here are a couple more tries, using the same basic radius cutting assy. for the band saw.


  1. These are exquisite and unique. A very good aspect is that they are semi-assembly line producible and appear to be shaped identically with the particular exception in their individual wood grain signature. That is what makes them so special - the heavy Doug Fir grain. Terrific! When you get a hold of one of these babies - you can tell by the touch that you've got something. Give it a yank, Hank.

  2. thanks ralph, i got another confirmation on the middle one from someone else, too. i'll see what la femme says...gonna try smaller handles next. these are big at 4" long...