Saturday, February 13, 2016

bathroom vanity mostly done

too busy to make interim fotos because the kitchen/bath remodel takes a lot of time. here's the bathroom vanity, ready for install. Overall dims are 48"wide, 20" deep, 32" high.

I will place a large drawer behind a frame-panel facade under the sink once the sink is dropped into place and plumbed. The back of the drawer box will have to clear the P trap from the drain, so I won't be doing this until we're installed.

The whole assy will be floated on a 4" floor kick leveling frame once we get down to the baseboards. I will have to coordinate with the tile guy on what he wants to do with regard to the interface.

The box is made of maple ply, edged with reclaimed fir. the drawer fronts are 3/4 fir veneer ply with reclaimed fir edge banding. Blum 563 slides. baltic drawer boxes using 1/2" finger joints.

I'm trying Minwax Water based gloss polyurethane brushed on. Not the nicest finish but it should be pretty durable and good enough for the bathroom, right?

PS, the drawer pulls are still in development as I humm and haww my way through more iterations. So in the tradition, my interim pulls are blue masking tape.


  1. So the exposed top of the vanity is/will be maple veneer ply? Should be gorgeous! Recommend putting some of that poly finish on the deck below the sink plumbing - to account for the inevitable drips that will occur in the distant future. This technique also (and especially) in your kitchen cabinetry. Beautiful work!

  2. Sorry I didn't explain will be some sort of composite stuff or perhaps a natural rock material if we can find a offcut.

    Also will be deep drawer under sink....

  3. Looks gorgeous! Can"t wait to see it in the "flesh"!