Saturday, March 26, 2016

so much work, not enough time photodocumenting it

We're navel-deep into our remodel of the kitchen and bathroom for our house. No sink to shave out of so a pelt of facial hair ensues and it's all good. The plan is to have a post going from the peninsula of cabinets to my left up to the ceiling soffit. The column was going to be 4" thick and butt up against the end of the cabinets but my carpenter and me feel that might be too tight and so maybe we move the column inboard and have it start from the top of the cabinets instead.


  1. Why have any post at all ????, Keep it clear, would give a feeling of more room/space.

  2. Hey Joe, thanks for the feedback, really helpful! Yes you're right that it feels a LOT more airy in here without the post. My worry is that it might end up being too open though if such things are possible....anyway, i've mocked up a post just to get a feeling for it in my next blog entry.

    Thanks again for feedback amigo!

    adam of oakland, ca, USA