Saturday, September 1, 2018

JB Blunk: an inspiring visit to Oakland Museum of CA

i had a serendipitous walk to OMCA week before last to see some of my old favorites. There's a beautiful settee in mahogany and leather by Maloof and a very special green and green sidebar that i look over every time. But this summer, there's a review of James Blain Blunk (JB Blunk). It's wonderfully lit display of his sculptures that i'm showing below. They're i think all carved from monolythic cleavings/rounds of old growth redwood. I say monolythic: i mean that they originate from a continuous section of tree, as opposed to a laminate of smaller pieces. They cry out to be touched for sure and it took a lot of self control to not "SEE THEM WITH MY HANDS".

If you have the time, go see it at the Oakland Museum

Here's a review of some of the pieces inspiring me to share here:

On permanent display on the first floor is a 14 foot dia burl/trunk section that JB Blunk carved. What is so gratifying and generous is that visitors are welcome to sit on, and touch this beauty. couldnt' get enough of this one.

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