Sunday, September 9, 2018

JB Blunk, last day of exhibit.

I wanted to take another pass at the Jb Blunk exhibit today and was surprised to hear that this was the last day of the show. i was sad and thankful at the same time. i guess knowing that this was the last day allowed me to linger over his work longer than one normally would.
today i was struck by how he chose what parts to be pure "tree" and then parts hewn, expressing toolmarks, and then other parts, refined and smooth with no sure indicator of what formed them.


  1. Had not heard of the Blunk exhibit. But thanks for the pictures. Very interesting.

    BTW, I was in your area on Friday at the Lie-Nielsen tool show at The Crucible. Had thought about you that day, wondering if maybe you had attended.

  2. hey matt - no i didn't go to the lie-nielson show, i went some years ago and met ron hock (and bought one of his delightful marking knives) but haven't been back.