Sunday, May 3, 2020

Serving Spoons in Laurel wood

Dad sent a section of laurel from the farm years ago. I had it sitting in the garage staring at me like the velveteen rabbit all this time, not sure what to do with it until this weekend.

Forgot to take a pic of the whole section, but here's one half after ripping. about 3" in dia.

I think my favorite part about making spoons is at this moment where the profile (crank) is roughed out and you get to sort of let the wood tell you what shape it should take
But carving the outside of the bowl into facets is pretty fun, too. a sharp knife leaves a waxy smooth surface that is hard to beat
There were a few knots that I did not anticipate. so not much heavy lifting duty for these, but i loved the way the wood responded to carving. the wind in the wood's grain led me to these chicane handles.


  1. Very nice. I'm finishing up my last big project for a while. Once done the projects will be small with spoons from the cut off pile near the top of the list. BTW, you inspired me to set up seating in the front of the house. With COVID-19 there is more traffic than before, still set back too far but in waving distance.

    Stay safe,


  2. thank you Ken! yes, go for it with setting up a little carving spot on your community facing porch. even if the setback is far, it's good to just be out there so folks can see other folks carrying about. i haven't been able to tackle a big project for a while, for a lot of reasons, but staying in touch with your hands and a few essential tools keeps you in good tune. thank you for stopping by to comment. -adam of oakland, ca, usa