Sunday, May 10, 2020

lil' lodi apple wood serving spoon

only had one afternoon this weekend to make this little serving spoon. punches above weight in capacity, but s stubby handle. would be useful in a family style meal where there's a bowl of rice everyone digs into. This one is still a little thick and will be cleaned up a bit once the wood dries
Dad sent me another parcel of Lodi Apple wood segments. we disucssed the best way to divide up the pruning for maximal yield
it arrived cut up perfectly as discussed
I decided to dive into the stubby section, seeing 3 short but wide spoons if i cut the thing into 1/3rds well enough. My Ryoba rip teeth cut through the green long grain like i was slicing rare steak.
This was a hand-tool only endeavor and not just to be a Luddite. a quick series of stop cuts like this can then be easily broken off with a chisel to make a flat underside for a reference surface while holding the blank down on my lap table
I then roughed out the profile on the top of the spoon. this is the bark-side facing part of the split. The spoon is gonna be wide and scoopable. not much of a handle, but that's ok
and here it is after roughing out. Now to let it rest a few days before cleaning it up. seems to dry quickly

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