Monday, March 30, 2009

aft mounting bracket II

Here's how it looks now


  1. Are the brackets cold bonded and then glass reinforced to the tank? Will there be any blind fasteners on these joints?

  2. re. cold bonding: yes, that's how the bracketry is attached to the tank for the most part: initial glue up with epoxy and then a lot of reinforcement with glass. The things are on there pretty good.

    the only planned fastener will be on that red nubbin you see right above to hold the aft bracket in place. This was how the OEM tank was attached, too. The forward brackets slide horizontally into place on their respective posts on either side of the frame, so the tank doesn't want to lift off of it's position once you've secured the rear tab to it's post. Not explaingin this well...

    I got the card yesterday from 9b, thanks. looks like the start of a hare scrambles.

  3. It looks great, Adam. I can't wait to join you for a ride soon. When are you going to pick the foam for your seat and start designing the ass-cushion? That will be some fun upholstery, I can't wait to see what color combo you pick. Going for a ribbed look?

  4. i was thinking cheeta-print,myself. ass cushionery is so far off in the distance...between here and there is a thicket of wiring and plumbing...

  5. Wiring and plumbing?! plug your spark plug in, get that tank coated and the petcocks plumbed, get a ricky stator fitted, put in some oil and gas, and go for a rip! Wiring and plumbing?!

  6. shrugs. yeah. well i got this new headlight, plus the tachometer to wire into the existing system. new turn signals...hopefully don't need a new stator...but will order one eventually.

    gotta design a wiring harness and batt holder, too.

    i know, i know joel. half the fun is mixing epoxy resin with one index finger, and picking my nose with the other. what is this riding thing? is it really that important? I think i'd much rather eat scones with butter and strawberry jam...

  7. I believe you, too. Both about the scone eating and resin mixing/nose picking!

    This is really the most basic wiring harness out there. I can't imagine anything on it you would take off. Tachometers apparently splice in pretty easily on the stator input somewhere. I want to check out that phase of the wiring project.

    More photos, more photos! I guess you're doingreally well maintaining a step-by-step and not jumping around to things like photos of the new headlight, but I was thrilled to see a whole-bike shot over on ADVrider in my XL600R Revival thread. That was like candy but for my eyes. Keep 'em coming. I'm done crapping up your thread now.

    Oh yeah, I no longer work at the cafe, I'm doing construction jobs now, so no more week old coffe for you! I do want to send you guys a tease of some of the Stumptown goodness you're missing out on though, if you tell me what size press pot you have I can skim you a sample. It'll be like a little cupping in your kitchen every week and a half or so!

    Oh yeah, motorcycles 'n' stuff...

  8. I posted a couple of pics of my work in progress you can see them at

  9. Right on, thierry! I'm going to post one of the photos linking out to your site if you don't mind :)