Thursday, August 6, 2009

finishing up seatpan

...hahah so funny to use the word 'finishing' when discussing this project which will never be done...

Well after a short trip to a land of tasty treats: , I've been back at it in earnest with what time there is left in a day.

Just had to reposition some mounting warts for the turn indicators, rewire the lighting and get the mounting hardware glued up

I had a Lucas style tail light from the J&P catalog kicking around and decided to go with it since it throws a more emphatic signal than the LED array that I had previously. Plus the clearance makes it okay now for a bigger light...heck There might even be enough room for some TRUCK BALLS on that thing:

The finish is rougher than a pimply teenager's face when you get up close thanks to my hamfisted technique but it's at least road worthy enough to vroom around in the local hills...soI think that's what I'm gonna do. Bye for now!


  1. It looks very, very good. I like the lines and even the 'pimples'. I read the carb adjustment process with some scrutiny. That procedure will require lots of care(read time)and be rewarded with nice throttle zips and exceptional acceleration (the objective here). Have you ever seen the 'dry brown-grey' plug electrode color that is described in the comment? You might want to have some assistance with the color assessment, no? A note of caution about excessive 'plug checking': Make sure you let that aluminum head cool BEFORE you remove and replace the plugs - otherwise you might be sorry with some possible galling of the threads and in need of a 'heli-coil' instl procedure - a sad thing for such a beauty. I happen to know this part of life from my own sad TR-120 Road Sports experience - it even involved your mother in a tangential sort of way... But we survived that dark time and there you are with a pretty tomato-red and black street tracker. Ha, ha. We need to hear about the road tests now. These should include maybe some specific engine performance descriptions. We are also presuming that all the prescribed lights and 'other leagalities' are currently working per CA specs..

  2. It's supposed to be Monza red, Pop, MONZA. Your son values new-fangled "powder coating" in whatever old colors they have available over true factory color matching. Whatever.