Thursday, August 27, 2009

what is he building in there?


  1. What's He Building In There?
    What The Hell Is He Building
    In There?
    He Has Subscriptions To Those
    Magazines... He Never
    Waves When He Goes By
    He's Hiding Something From
    The Rest Of Us... He's All
    To Himself... I Think I Know
    Why... He Took Down The
    Tire Swing From The Peppertree
    He Has No Children Of His
    Own You See... He Has No Dog
    And He Has No Friends And
    His Lawn Is Dying... And
    What About All Those Packages
    He Sends. What's He Building In There?
    With That Hook Light
    On The Stairs. What's He Building
    In There... I'll Tell You One Thing
    He's Not Building A Playhouse For
    The Children What's He Building
    In There?

    Now What's That Sound From Under The Door?
    He's Pounding Nails Into A
    Hardwood Floor... And I
    Swear To God I Heard Someone
    Moaning Low... And I Keep
    Seeing The Blue Light Of A
    T.V. Show...
    He Has A Router
    And A Table Saw... And You
    Won't Believe What Mr. Sticha Saw
    There's Poison Underneath The Sink
    Of Course... But There's Also
    Enough Formaldehyde To Choke
    A Horse... What's He Building
    In There. What The Hell Is He
    Building In There? I Heard He
    Has An Ex-Wife In Some Place
    Called Mayors Income, Tennessee
    And He Used To Have A
    Consulting Business In Indonesia...
    But What Is He Building In There?
    What The Hell Is Building In There?

    He Has No Friends
    But He Gets A Lot Of Mail
    I'll Bet He Spent A Little
    Time In Jail...
    I Heard He Was Up On The
    Roof Last Night
    Signaling With A Flashlight
    And What's That Tune He's
    Always Whistling...
    What's He Building In There?
    What's He Building In There?

    We Have A Right To Know...

  2. I just LOOOOVE Tom Waits...listening to him right now.

    Hey, Your box of XL Detritus should be making it to you via Parcel Post someday soon. I mailed it on Wednesday last week, so probably sometime this week.

    Hope it arrives intact...

  3. Woohoo! My sitting bones thank you. I'm going to be re-foaming a seat and taking my time doing it thank to your shipment of an extra. This means I'll be able to do it right and not scramble to get the bike rideable at the end of each workday, as the XL is still my only mode of transportation. I'll get some help from, a great resource worth checking out.