Tuesday, August 3, 2010

edge jointing top

Now the delicate act of edge joining these two beefy beams. hoo boy. watch your toes, this is 98" x 24" x 5,1/2" of WATCH YOUR TOES AND FINGERS.


  1. Well, this is a most wonderful project!

    I see that the legs are made from the cutoff portion but I only see 3 legs... This can't be a tripod - oh no. But maybe it has 6 legs. That would be good. The more the better, especially when pumping up hill.

    The mass of the bench will be a great advantage. Machine shops have huge granite surface plates that weigh tons. They are very flat and are a delight just to be around. This bench is where things can be examined and 'treated' with respect.

    Keep goin'. We like it!

  2. no, the cutoff portion has just enough material for 2 4x6 legs. I've got some other old 4x6 sticks for the other pair of legs. I'm thinking I can get away with just 4 legs as long as they've got stretchers mortised into them.

    the spare cutoff piece is a bit thinner, 3". I'm going to use it for the twinscrew vice chop on the front of the bench. parts ordered...