Monday, August 23, 2010

sorting out the legs

Here's how the legs will be spaced, overall height will be about 33" tall so that I can get over the bench planes when working the wood. The legs here will have 4" long tenons draw-bored directly into the top like so:

I'll offset the shoulders such that there's 1,1/2" clearance on the outside, and 1/2" on the inside like this:


  1. hey notchy,

    been a while since i checked in - still have this blog in my reader though.

    the tracker looks s-w-e-e-t. hope you and the missus are doing well.


  2. hey sal, good to hear from you!

    and thanks for the props on the tracker...been a good bike to putz around with and blap the throttle out of the turns like a bigbore thumper should...

    i've not had much time for riding these days what with all the other projects afoot.

    missus is doing well, hope you and yours are, too.

  3. What a terrific vise. That's a lot of bad there!

  4. The 34 inch height ought to be good. Office desks are around 30 inches. Kitchen counter tops for tall guys like you and Lightfoot are around 36 inches. I have a bench in my hangar that is 40 inches and it's real nice for looking at the airplane parts I'm working on. But Planeing on wood products is another story...