Monday, February 16, 2009

bottom still curing

Left the assembly in the bag overnight but it was fairly set by the morning. Carefully peeled off the breather cloth and peel-ply without tearing the part off of the plug because I want it to cure a bit more for the next day or so. You can see the peelply-breather cloth just in the background, it took up a bit of the excess resin so that's good. Looks like it'll be okay, tho I don't like seeing the wrinkles along the channel there:

I'm not sure 8 layers of 5.6 ounce "S" glass is enough so i'll to an experiment with 8 layers of 3"x3" squares just so I can cut into them and see how thick it really is. Yeah, shouldda done this ahead of myself. bladdeeblah.

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