Saturday, February 14, 2009

layup schedule

Here's a rough outline of how I'm thinking the parts get built from the plug. This is a cross sectional view of the assembly.

  • (A) Here you can see the plug (defined by light cross-hatching) with the female mold pieces laid up off of it. Notice the flange on top: the female mold will have to be made into several parts to prevent it from mechanically locking in the plug.
  • (B) OK, once the plug is removed, I'll do a lay up of the final part for the top of the tank, outlined as black
  • (C) The bottom of the tank will just be molded directly off of the plug since that should in theory fit exactly to the bottom of the top part.
  • (D) Then it's just a matter of assembly. HaHaHa!

This is just one cross section! It get's trickier to render what this thing will look like at the front and back but they'll have a similar "overhang" built into them. The top mold will actually be made from 4 pieces because of the overhang, but the concept is similar to what you see here.

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